Noise Modeler Library  0.1
Library for procedurally generating noise-based terrains and other content
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Noise Modeler Library Documentation


Welcome to the reference for the noise modeler library, nmlib.

The Noise Modeler Library is a library for specifying content generating procedural functions based on noise in a platform independent manner.

The prime example of such content, is terrain heightmap generation. With the help of this library, it is possible represent terrains that are several times the size of the earth using only a few kilobytes. This representation may be expanded during run-time in a game at high speed by utilizing the GLSL code generation feature.

Other content may for example be vegetation density maps, air humidity, and area distributions among factions in a game.

Models for nmlib may be created using the Noise Modeler GUI application, which is a real-time editor for endless procedural terrains. This application is documented by its own user guide.

Documentation overview

The library is divided into four modules, and so is the documentation:

  • model is the core part of the library, everything depends on this.
  • serialization is concerned with serialization and parsing of models.
  • codegeneration is responsible for generating code, such as GLSL to evaluate functions.
  • util contains utility functions for the library.