Noise Modeler Library  0.1
Library for procedurally generating noise-based terrains and other content
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cnm::BodyGeneratorGenerates a module body
 Cnm::FunctionCallBodyGeneratorThe FunctionCallBodyGenerator class
 Cnm::ModuleGeneratorThe ModuleGenerator class
 Cnm::CompositeModuleGeneratorGenerator for modules having composite module types
 Cnm::ConcreteModuleGeneratorThe ConcreteModuleGenerator class
 Cnm::SimpleBodyGeneratorThe SimpleBodyGenerator class
 Cnm::DefaultsGeneratorGenerates the definitions and default values module inputs
 Cnm::ModuleGeneratorThe ModuleGenerator class
 Cnm::IdGeneratorThe IdGenerator class
 Cnm::InlineGeneratorAbstract base class for code generators
 Cnm::glsl::GlslGeneratorGenerates glsl code to evaluate function graphs using OpenGL 3.0 shaders
 Cnm::NonCopyableA super-class for non-copyable classes
 Cnm::GraphA graph of Modules
 Cnm::ModuleTypeDescribes a recipe for a module and its inputs and outputs
 Cnm::ParserConverts json strings to TypeManagers
 Cnm::SerializerSerializes a TypeManager to a JSON string
 Cnm::SignalTypeDescribes a the dimensionality of a signal Can be extended to include other type information such as distinctions between doubles, flots and ints as well
 Cnm::SignalValueA vector of floats that can be set as the unlinked value of InputLinks
 Cnm::UserDataProviderBase class for stuff that needs to provide user data in form of a void* pointer
 Cnm::GraphA graph of Modules
 Cnm::InputLinkDescribes which output of which node a ModuleInput of a specific Module is connected to
 Cnm::ModuleAn instantiated ModuleType. A node in a function graph
 Cnm::ModuleInputDescribes one of a ModuleType's inputs (name, SignalType, default value)
 Cnm::ModuleOutputDescribes one of a ModuleType's outputs (name, SignalType)
 Cnm::ModuleTypeDescribes a recipe for a module and its inputs and outputs
 Cnm::OutputLinkOutput of a Module
 Cnm::TypeManagerThe top-level entity of a noise model. Encapsulates several user types as well as built-in types