Noise Modeler Library  0.1
Library for procedurally generating noise-based terrains and other content
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nm::Graph Class Reference

A graph of Modules. More...

#include <graph.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for nm::Graph:
nm::UserDataProvider nm::NonCopyable

Public Member Functions

bool addModule (std::unique_ptr< Module > module)
ModulecreateModule (const ModuleType &type, std::string name)
ModulecreateModule (const ModuleType &type)
std::unique_ptr< ModuleremoveModule (Module &module)
void clearModules ()
ModulegetModule (const std::string &name)
const ModulegetModule (const std::string &name) const
ModulegetModule (unsigned int index)
const ModulegetModule (unsigned int index) const
ModulefindModule (std::function< bool(Module &)> predicative)
const ModulefindModule (std::function< bool(const Module &)> predicative) const
unsigned int numModules () const
void traverseModulesTopological (std::function< void(const Module &)> callback) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from nm::UserDataProvider
void * getUserData () const
void setUserData (void *userData)

Public Attributes

signal< void(Graph &)> destroying
signal< void(Graph &, Module
&, unsigned int)> 
signal< void(Graph &, Module
&, unsigned int)> 

Detailed Description

A graph of Modules.

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