Noise Modeler Library  0.1
Library for procedurally generating noise-based terrains and other content
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CGlslGeneratorGenerates glsl code to evaluate function graphs using OpenGL 3.0 shaders
 CBodyGeneratorGenerates a module body
 CCompositeModuleGeneratorGenerator for modules having composite module types
 CConcreteModuleGeneratorThe ConcreteModuleGenerator class
 CDefaultsGeneratorGenerates the definitions and default values module inputs
 CFunctionCallBodyGeneratorThe FunctionCallBodyGenerator class
 CGraphA graph of Modules
 CIdGeneratorThe IdGenerator class
 CInlineGeneratorAbstract base class for code generators
 CInputLinkDescribes which output of which node a ModuleInput of a specific Module is connected to
 CModuleAn instantiated ModuleType. A node in a function graph
 CModuleGeneratorThe ModuleGenerator class
 CModuleInputDescribes one of a ModuleType's inputs (name, SignalType, default value)
 CModuleOutputDescribes one of a ModuleType's outputs (name, SignalType)
 CModuleTypeDescribes a recipe for a module and its inputs and outputs
 CNonCopyableA super-class for non-copyable classes
 COutputLinkOutput of a Module
 CParserConverts json strings to TypeManagers
 CSerializerSerializes a TypeManager to a JSON string
 CSignalTypeDescribes a the dimensionality of a signal Can be extended to include other type information such as distinctions between doubles, flots and ints as well
 CSignalValueA vector of floats that can be set as the unlinked value of InputLinks
 CSimpleBodyGeneratorThe SimpleBodyGenerator class
 CTypeManagerThe top-level entity of a noise model. Encapsulates several user types as well as built-in types
 CUserDataProviderBase class for stuff that needs to provide user data in form of a void* pointer